Greetings to all around the world!

My name is Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah, and most of you know me as the daughter of Gwen Shamblin Lara, a woman who has changed a hurting world by helping them to find the true love of God.

My main passion in life is for God’s Kingdom on earth to grow, and for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven— a passion that I know was passed down to me by my mother. My job has primarily been to work with and counsel the Young Marrieds and the Youth Group of the Remnant Fellowship Church, a job that brings me nothing but joy and fulfillment every single day because I know that the Next Generation behind us is so important!! .

Many of you continue to ask me about my relationship with my mother, the founder of the Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Churches. In short, Gwen not only has been the best mother a child could have, but she has also been the best friend a daughter could ever have. I have wanted to follow in her footsteps ever since I was a little girl- because I saw how her relationship with God filled her up with such peace and joy- and so I wanted to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength as well! The fruit of what she has taught and put into practice has been so beautiful for so many around the world and has produced so many changed lives for the better.

My mother highly influenced my brother, Michael, and I to seek right from wrong, good from evil, and love from hate. She taught us to cry out to God in every situation- great and small... and let Him be the one to save you from pain - not food, not money, not things, not people — just God alone.

Her main principle of “putting God first and laying down all idols”- (which is completely Biblical, as are all of her teachings)- has made all the difference in our lives.

As a little girl, I watched her get answer prayers and sing and dance before God... and I soon learned how to go to God and get my own answered prayers. I also realized that when I got under authority and obeyed (even when I didn’t really want to...)— that the obedience would end up bringing BLESSINGS!! So I grew to trust the lead coming from Godly authorities, which played a major impact upon the rest of my life.

Even in elementary school, I remember how my mom taught me daily to always, always, always search for the hurting — the humble - and to give them a cup of cold water by helping them to find God’s rescue plan. She literally taught me this from my earliest memories on— and it affected all of my friendships from elementary to high school to college to now- because the friendships were about helping the other person, which has made for deep and wonderful, meaningful relationships based on God and encouraging others.

The way she taught me to take care of others as a child then produced in me a desire later on in life to take care of the Youth and Young Marrieds of the Church, and to hopefully pass on to them many of the ways my mother raised me so that they too could find this blessed life that I have found. The way she parented was second to none, because it was genuinely selfless- something that inspires me still to this day.

My purpose and calling I feel from the Heavens is not to create anything new — but to pass down the teachings my mother has taught me and this hurting world to my four children (Grace, Gweneth, Gloria, and Charles Grantham) and also to the Next Generation of the Church, which we call “RF NEXT”...

I greatly enjoy working with the youth of the next generation because of the great and high importance it is for them to put God first- not to veer from the path or give way to fear or insult and hate... I pray this Next Generation only gets stronger in the Lord — mighty in power and great in wisdom and purity... and that they pass down this love for God first to the generations after them until Jesus comes back...

I have to say, one of the most enjoyable and fun things to do in all the world is to get together and laugh, dance, and sing with all of the Youth and the whole church!!”

I have been asked for years to share more about how I was raised by Gwen, what that Mother/Daughter/Best Friend relationship is like, and how I raise my children now in the Lord and what I’m sharing with the Next Generation... The youth have also asked for years for me to Tweet them encouragement, as my mother does for the adults. These requests have been brought up enough to where the Remnant Fellowship Leaders have asked me to share via this website more stories with all of you, which is such a great honor. So, I look forward to sharing on this website with all of you from time to time each month from the heart. I pray you all remain encouraged in the Lord to keep giving God your all. Remember Gwen’s greatest line of all...

“The only REALLY wrong thing you can do.... is give up...”

So if you’re trying to break free from the worldly pulls that cause nothing but depression and anxiety, and you’re sick of worldly friendships that seem so fake and shallow... don’t give up... fight harder and stay more plugged in to the TRUTH found in Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Churches— (because it is the TRUTH of mere Christianity)— and surround yourself with true Saints- true friends- that will always point you back up to GOD FIRST!

Don’t give up.... and any day now you too will break thru the storm and reach a promised land of more fun than you can imagine.. It’s all in your hands as you turn to GOD for help!!

I look forward to the years ahead when I can get to know many of you even more as we share in this love for God together...

Much LOVE and sincere HOPE to everyone around the globe...
Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah
Hannah children